Who are the world’s most meaningful global brands of 2017?

Digital brands led the way in 2016, thanks to the difference they make on both functional and personal benefits. The 2017 Meaningful Brands® rankings are:
“We live in a world of content overload. A world where every day 500 million tweets, 4.3 billion Facebook messages and 500 million hours of YouTube footage are sent, posted and uploaded. In this world, only brands that form more meaningful connections with people will prosper. It’s no longer enough to produce products that work. Brands need to know why people care, and what makes their brands meaningful.”
Yannick Bolloré,
Chairman and CEO, Havas Group

Which are the world’s
most meaningful industries?

What do we already
know about content’s
role in meaningfulness?

A meaningful brand is defined by its impact on our personal and collective wellbeing, plus its functional benefits.
Content’s role is to educate, inform, entertain, inspire, reward and help.
Great content is a great driver of personal wellbeing and therefore meaningfulness.
The correlation between how a brand performs on improving personal wellbeing and the strength of its content is 71%.
84% of people expect brands to provide content that:

• Entertains
• Tells stories
• Provides solutions
• Creates experiences and events

for 2017

The Meaningful Brands® 2017 analysis reveals new data that tracks the relationship between a brand’s performance, its meaningfulness and the content it produces.

Our researchers analysed 1,500 global brands and 55 different content actions in order to test 60,000 content combinations.

The results were broken down into three key areas:

Is this content associated with my brand?

How is my brand executing this content?

Would people like my brand to offer this specific content?

The top 10 best performing industries according to the new Content Effectiveness Index:

A Content Effectiveness Index was developed to monitor and record the strength of Association and Performance of the 10 most effective content actions.

The results show how content effectiveness varies by industry.