Havas Expands 'Meaningful Brands,' Studies Role Content Plays -- Or Not

At a time when brands, their agencies and their media trading partners are embracing content marketing as a logical solution for brands to reach consumers in a “post-advertising” world, some highly regarded research indicates they are mostly failing.


It's a tumultuous time for the marketing world

Maria Garrido shares her views on disruption, content, social media and the need for more meaning in marketing.

Looking to the future she discusses the power of social media and entertainment as brands and agencies try to move beyond traditional marketing and understand how this new communications ecosystem can drive better business results.

Havas Group’s Meaningful Brands study provides a backdrop to many of her comments on how brands can use analytics to help break down silos and close the gap between traditional agencies and the entertainment industry. She ends by explaining the benefits of the Vivendi and Havas partnership.


Rules of Engagement

PMLiVE highlights the critical points to consider when developing the right content marketing strategy. “There is a 71% correlation between how effective the content is and how meaningful the audience perceives the brand to be,” says Maria Garrido Havas Group's Global Chief Insights and Analytics Officer.


Creating meaningful brands, connecting with customers

Trust is no longer the buzzword in ensuring the efficacy of a brand. What is more critical now is how meaningful and connected a brand is to a customer.

With that in mind, Havas Media Group Malaysia CEO Andreas Vogiatzakis shares with StarBizWeek the agency’s Meaningful Brands study.    


‘If 74% brands in the world disappeared, no one would care'

Maria Garrido, Global Chief Insights & Analytics Officer, Havas Media, says brands must address the personal needs of consumers and levitate towards earned media.


Marketing to over 55s: Turning silver into gold with a meaningful approach to older consumers

Brand marketing’s obsession with millennials over the past few years looks likely to transfer onto generation Z or centennials (as they’re otherwise known) in the year ahead.


Is your brand meaningful?

As marketers, we would love to believe that everyone is as passionate about our brand as we are. After all, we live and breathe it every single day. It’s easy to get tunnel vision. That’s why a study like Meaningful Brands is important.


Indian consumers are grateful for the value brands bring to their lives

Maria Garrido talks to business newspaper Mint about what defines a meaningful brand and why content is going to change the way brands connect with their target consumers. 


"There is still hope for brands in India": Maria Garrido

Maria Garrido, Havas Group's global chief insights and analytics officer, explained why brands need to be meaningful at a masterclass held in India.


The science of creating meaningful content

Does your brand mean as much to people as you think it does? Of course it doesn't. In this talk from Mumbrella360, Havas Group's Maria Garrido exclusively reveals how 95% of brands could disappear and Australians wouldn’t care.


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