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At Havas we make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses and people.

Fresh insights from our 2019 study

Buying today is a political act! 55% of consumers believe brands actually have a more important role than our governments to create a better future!

Our findings show that consumers will reward brands who want to make the world a better place and who reflect their values. Consumers are using their buying power to make a stand!

There’s no question – brand activism will become a part of a brand’s strategy.

What is our Meaningful Brands® study about?

We go beyond the products, exploring how
brands tangibly improve peoples' lives
and the role they play in society

Meaningful brands generate
significantly higher KPIs

KPIs Most meaningful brands Least meaningful brands
Overall Impression 80 % 42 %
Purchase Intent
(non clients)
38 % 14 %
Repurchase Intent
70 % 29 %
Advocacy 76 % 37 %
Premium Price 40 % 18 %

Our framework

Our methodology

Meaningful Brands

A meaningful brand is defined by its impact on our personal and collective wellbeing, along with its functional benefits. What matters to us can be divided up into:

3 pillars
Personal Benefits, Collective Benefits & Functional Benefits
13 dimensions
Environment, Emotional, Social, Ethics, ...
52 attributes
Save Time, Makes Me Happier, Benefits the Economy, Deliver Its Promises, ...

MB Index encapsulates
2 key variables:

Our methodology


The MB content framework is unique. This year we covered over 1,800 brands and 43 different content types in order to test over 75,000 content combinations.

Our services

• Meaningful services
• Content services


  • Wide picture of key category and brand equity drivers
  • In-depth analysis of how meaningful your brand is, and how it’s positioned versus your peers
  • In case of a content audit, we also deep dive into your content effectiveness and expectations within your industry


  • Provide the opportunity to convert these data-driven insights into meaningful ideas and initiatives
  • Explore inspirational best-practices from the most meaningful brands.
  • In case of a content workshop, we also help you prioritize the content, experiences and solutions that will empower your business to become more meaningful

Industry reports

  • A broad view on how meaningful your industry is, what are the best performers and what are the key meaningfulness drivers