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Meaningful Brands Services


Meaningful Brands® audit allows companies to assess in-depth how meaningful their brand is to people and how it’s positioned versus its peers. It also paints a wider picture of key category and brand equity drivers and new brand territories that will generate stronger returns.

Meaningful Brands Workshops

Our exclusive workshops provide the opportunity to convert these data-driven insights into meaningful ideas and initiatives. We’ll show you how to prioritise the type of content, experiences and solutions that will empower your business to become more meaningful, while exploring inspirational best-practice from the most meaningful brands.

Meaningful Brands Content Services

Our Meaningful Brands Content Services help companies to assess or redefine their content strategies. Services include:

• Content Category Reports
• Content Brand Audits
• Content Workshops

Havas Group has Content teams in each country that can help you plan and implement strategy.

As well as our Meaningful Brands analysis we also run specialty reports. Recent reports include report on Millennials and Women over 40.
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Our Meaningful Brand
Index is created as follows:

It is our core metric that gathers together the results from the overall framework
It measures brand strength in terms of meaningfulness and measures the quality of the outcomes people perceive each brand is delivering
It contains all the drivers (functional outputs, personal outcomes, collective outcomes) that contribute to explain a brand’s meaningfulness
It considers 13 dimensions (one is functional benefits and the other 12 are wellbeing (7 personal, 5 collective) all weighted equally

History of
Meaningful Brands®
at Havas Group

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We have been working in this area since 2008 – first with climate change, then with Sustainable Futures and now in the last four years with Meaningful Brands®.
700 brands and
134,000 people
23 countries
In 2013, Meaningful Brands® researched 700 brands and 134,000 people in 23 countries, which is why we are unable to make fair comparisons on brand rankings from one study to the next. We also continued to developed and tailor the methodology to cover particular world events during the course of the year, such as elections or global unrest.
Return on Meaning
- a new metric
for 2015
In 2015, due to the success and interest from our clients, we decided to increase the size of the Meaningful Brands® project to 1000 brands across 12 industries and 34 markets along with more than 300,000 people worldwide. Return on Meaning helps brands to track the potential returns on business performance (Share of Wallet & Stock Market) and marketing activity (KPIs) against incremental rises in Meaningfulness, as defined by Personal Wellbeing, Collective Wellbeing and Marketplace.
The 2017 Meaningful Brands® Global Analysis delivers a stark wake-up call as 60% of content created by brands is found to be poor, irrelevant or failing to deliver. This unique piece of biennial research now covers 1,500 global brands and more than 300,000 interviews. We take an in-depth look at 33 international markets and 15 different industry sectors. The 2017 Meaningful Brands® analysis also reveals new data that tracks the relationship between a brand’s performance, its meaningfulness and the content it produces. The results show that content delivered by brands is underperforming to such an extent that it’s having little impact on business results or people’s lives.